Buried Child Post-show Talkback with Director Gary Brame: Friday May 17th

Palaver Tree Theater will be hosting a Talkback with director Gary Brame after the Friday May 17th, 2019 performance of Sam Shepard's Buried Child. The Talkback will reflect on the powerful themes in the play, such as the Death of the American Dream and more, that led it to the 1979 Pulitzer Prize for Drama. Gary has studied Shepard for decades and the playwright has had quite a personal impact on Gary's ethos. 
Buried Child is also a mirror to rural communities such as Wakulla County that have undergone significant economic, social, and cultural changes over the past 40 years. We hope the talkback does more than just inform but also encourages attendees to take action to improve the communities they live and work in.
If you have already seen Buried Child last weekend or have tickets for another night, you are cordially welcomed to attend the Talkback, too. Doors for the Talkback open after the final curtain on Friday's performance, about 10:15PM.
All of us at Palaver Tree are truly looking forward to this discussion.


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