Keeping Your Dollars  “Working For Wakulla”

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Keeping Your Dollars “Working For Wakulla”

The path from hobbyist, to “starving artist,” to “actual working artist!” can be a long and winding road. And a major and proud part of our mission is to help create more opportunities for working artists here in Wakulla and the Big Bend.

From our technical department, to our directors and performers, to musicians we hire for special events, to photographers and videographers, to graphic designers and more, your support of Palaver Tree Theater – through memberships, donations, and attendance at events – allows us to create paying work for artists right here in the land of “Mysterious Waters.”

Yes. Paid artists. In Wakulla.

This is no small thing, and not just for those artists who can maybe pay off a bill that month and spend some more time perfecting their craft.

These events attract hundreds of regional visitors – thousands throughout the year -- who also dine at our locally owned restaurants, and support our local shop keepers ... who in turn reinvest in their businesses, sponsor local organizations, hire more employees, and take more pay home to their own families. (Did you know that for every dollar spent at a local business, three times more money stays in our community?!)

Yes, your experience here at Palaver Tree is helping to profoundly strengthen our local economy, because we keep those dollars “working for Wakulla.”
And it helps those throughout the region experience a different side of the bucolic home we love.

Our goal is to help complete the ladder of opportunities for local artists, and especially our high school students and youth.

For example, we are proud to work together with the Wakulla High School theater department throughout the year, as well as the digital media program, and through these partnerships students have had chances to showcase their written works, or screen their digital films, or apprentice as a stagehand in a working theater.

In many places, this path traditionally goes from youthful curiosity, to high school enthusiasm, to collegiate study, to (hopeful) professional excellence. And that path is not available to all, perhaps more so in rural America.

We are helping to make sure that the rungs on the Wakulla creative ladder go all the way to the top, and that aspirations and talents do not wither on the vine for lack of a place to grow larger or water to feed them.

And with the extensive professional expertise of our team, Palaver offers substantial technical training that can help prepare our artistic community for a professional life ahead. The world of possibilities is literally endless, if we know how to see it and are prepared for the journey.

Finally, you support allows this creative space to be available throughout the year for festivals, for outside organizations that lack a space of their own, for classes and workshops, and for private use by artists and performers. Palaver’s very existence changes the landscape of possibilities in Wakulla.

Thank you for your support and for allowing us to support our local artists and professionals in turn. And thank you for allowing us to represent Wakulla throughout the regional artistic community. With your vote of confidence, we are helping put Wakulla on the regional theater and artistic maps.

We are honored by your support.

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    This is amazing. Thank you, thank you, thank you!


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