Buried Child, drama, play, Pulitzer Prize -

Meet the Buried Child Cast: Heather Brown as Halie

Heather Brown has worked with many theaters in Tallahassee since her arrival there in 1973, including FSU, Asylum Theater, ETC, Offstreet, TLT, Mickee Faust, Some People (improv) and IRT. She is excited to be rediscovering Halie in this production of Buried Child, 30+ years later. 
Director Gary Brame made the perfect choice casting Heather to play such a critical role. Halie's voice commands everyone's attention, letting them know she is THE matriarch of the family. But even when things have fallen apart, Halie brings us her motherly comfort in the very end, providing the nourishment of hope for a brighter day.

Be sure to catch Heather in Buried Child opening May 10th. Tickets and showtimes available here on our website.