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Meet the Buried Child Cast: William Treichel as Reverend Dewis

This will be William's second venture into the world of theatre, having played “Ray” in “Simply Divided”. He is privileged to participate in such and important American play as “Buried Child”. He is, however, the only member of the production to have been directed by Sam Shepard. In 1981, in Seattle, he was an extra in his movie “Frances”. It was a crowd scene and he was dressed in Depression era clothes. He remembers Shepard in the back of a stake bed pick up. Shepard wore a weathered brown leather jacket and his instructions were “Be loud, be angry.” While he has looked for that brief bit of fame in the film he thinks it ended up on the cutting room floor. Regardless, here he is playing the very funny Reverend Dewis. Though it is the smallest role in Buried Child, William gets to enjoy some of the best punchlines to be delivered in this dark comedy.

One never knows where one's paths will lead.

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Producer's note: I've known "Doc" for a couple of years now and always knew I wanted him in "Buried Child". He's been a great supporter of Palaver Tree Theater and is a well-respected chiropractor in Crawfordville and all of Wakulla, even if he doesn't toot his own horn. He may not be able to fix a broken family or Bradley's leg, but he sure can fix your back and your funny bone, too. CR

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