At a Time Like This (Mar 13-15)

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At a Time Like This
Written and directed by Herb Donaldson
With Herb, Donaldson, Evan Guarino, and Terry Lester
General Admission: $15

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When a failing comic and his failing actor of a roommate in New York City find themselves broke and facing certain eviction, a dark plan is hatched to take what they need from an unsuspecting mark. But in the hands of two incompetent and fledgling criminals, even the simplest of plans can and does go awry -- with devastating consequences.

Biting and unabashed on topics of race, sexuality, and the darkness of human desperation, "At A Time Like This" is not for timid audiences, or those under 18.


The play is also a time capsule, of sorts. It was written by Herb Donaldson, founder and artistic director of Palaver Tree, in the late 90’s while studying theater in New York, and was his first full length script. It debuted at the PSNBC Theater Festival, and later in the Downtown Urban Theatre, Lower East Side, and Urban Pop Theatre festivals. It was later produced by Arcos Entertainment as part of its Downtown Urban Theatre Festival Encore Series, at Center Stage NY, in 2004.

Now, 15 years later, Donaldson has revisited the script and updated it for the first production in northwest Florida, which he will also direct.

"I was pure Wakulla, bred and raised, when I arrived in New York.  There was so much happening around me that didn't quite square at first," said Donaldson. "The world isn't the same everywhere that you go, and that city became very complicated and overwhelming for me at times. So, in my attempt to understand it,  I tried to capture what I was seeing, as it was being revealed to me, and also capture some of what I saw happening to other people in their struggle to 'make it'."

"There are certain factors in life," he added, "that, when combined, create a toxic, and often, explosive brew. Ambition, self-worth, competition, societal pressures - just making the bills - can take even the best of people to the dark side.  So, in a way, this play is about thinking twice about what you ask for. Or at least, examining why you are asking for it."