Through the years we at the Palaver Tree have come across so many wonderful writers, performers, directors, musicians, painters, visual artists - CREATIVES - that we thought it was time we shared them with YOU.  The majority of the people that we will highlight in this section throughout the year are based right here, in Wakulla County. 

Our goal is for you to get to know them so that you can help spread the word about who they are and what they are doing. THIS leads to opportunity for the Wakulla Creatives that live among you. 



Sarah Lloyd (C.Lloyd photo credit)

When I was little, my grandmother or my mom could sit me in front of the TV anytime Bill Alexander or Bob Ross was on PBS.  It was the one time they could count on my staying right there, glued to the T.V., not getting into anything and everything that wasn’t red hot or nailed down.

 (Bimin Road / S. Lloyd)

I wanted to paint but didn’t “know how”.  I couldn’t make the canvas look like the picture in my head.  I picked up a camera instead.  Lucky for me, this is the age of digital photography.  It doesn’t cost a thing to shoot 100 digital frames to get that one picture you really like.

 (The Long Way Around / S. Lloyd)

Not until the pandemic did I seriously considered learning to paint.  My daughter, who all of her life has heard me say “I wish I could paint that!”, wandered into the living room one day and said:

“Hey, Mom.  Have you ever heard of Bob Ross?”

…… So I told her about being little, PBS, and being glued to the T.V. 

“You know that Netflix has the whole Bob Ross series” she said.

The two of us began watching episodes.  After a week or two, the light bulb came on.  

“He’s taking that brush and going smooshy smooshy smooshy to make a tree”.  

 “Anyone can go smooshy smooshy smooshy! "
I now understood the real message of Bob Ross:  Anyone can paint.

That evening, I told my husband “After Thanksgiving, I’m going to learn to paint”.  To his eternal credit, he did what he always does.  “Go for it!” he said.  “Let me know what supplies you need.”   

After Thanksgiving 2021, I bought my first oil paints, an easel, some brushes, and learned how to stream Bob Ross on my phone.  I bought 10 canvasses knowing full well I would end up trashing most, if not all of them.  That was ok with 50+ me.  I’m old enough now to know that failure is not fatal, nor even a bad thing.  It’s just part of the process. 

Today I have moved from Bob Ross and oil to other inspiration and acrylic.  I recently discovered the world of texture and I enjoy playing with different methods.   I have not settled into a style or found my voice, perhaps I never will.   Again, this for me, is not about a destination.  It is all about the journey.  It is about discovery.   

Painting has taught me to look at the world differently.   

My work does not have to be photo realism to be good or even artistic.  Mistakes are not fatal.   As both my daughter and one of my all time favorite artists, Dean Goia, have pointed out to me “It’s just paint.  No one’s going to die today because you used the wrong brush. “ I am learning to embrace the spirit of flexibility. 

If I have an official Artist Statement, it probably sounds like this:

My goal is to experience the world, whatever part I find myself in, emotionally and intuitively, rather than strictly with intellect, and to transfer that interpretation to canvas.  Through paint, with color and texture, I hope to connect the viewer with that experiential interpretation, and to provoke in them an examine their own perspective in a new, different, or deeper way. 

Contact Sarah about her work.:



Sarah will be a part of the "Womanly Genius" event on International Women's Day (3/8).  Along with her artwork will be that of these other talented artists:




...also with Mary Lawson and Jan Wiley. For tickets to WOMANLY GENIUS, on Friday, March 8th, at 6:30pm CLICK HERE



Those of you who know Celia R. Caputi as one half of the musical duo "Due Artisti" may be surprised to learn that, by day, she is an FSU English Professor specializing in Shakespeare and Virginia Woolf. She and her partner/lead guitarist/sound engineer, Michael Schad, were two members of the team who spear-headed the "Chomp-n-Stomp" festivals here at Palaver Tree. Come see Celia & Michael perform at the "Womanly Genius" event on International Women's Day (3/8)

To contact Celia about DUE ARTISTI performances / bookings, VISIT their Facebook page by clicking here: Facebook



CLICK the LINK below to view Chuck's page

Chuck Robinson (@mcnerds) • Instagram photos and videos

My art is a journey through the realms of chaos, entropy, and abstraction, where each piece is a testament to the complex interplay of darkness and light that shapes our inner worlds. Influenced by the unpredictability of life and the intricate dance of emotions, my work serves as a canvas for exploring the depths of the human psyche.
In my artistic practice, I embrace a primarily abstract style, allowing me to delve into the realms of the unseen and the unspoken. My mediums are as varied as my thoughts – from the bold strokes of charcoal and the fluidity of India black ink to the vibrant expressions in acrylics. Of late, my exploration has expanded into the textured layers of oil and cold wax, bringing a tangible depth to my creations. In moments of reflection, I find solace in the ephemeral beauty of flowing watercolors and the unpredictable nature of alcohol inks.
My art is a conduit for expressing dark emotions, a form of art therapy that allows me to confront and process the stress and childhood traumas buried deep within. Yet, it is not all shadows – the essence of my friends and family, envisioned in a joyous light, often weaves its way into my creations, bringing balance to my work. The concept of 'Sehnsucht', a profound longing, frequently finds its echo in my pieces, reflecting the dualities of human experience.
The greatest challenge in my art lies in the delicate balance between control and intuition. Each stroke is a negotiation between the conscious and the subconscious, a dialogue between the artist's intent and the natural course of creation.
I invite my audience to embark on a journey with me – to see if my art resonates with their own unspoken emotions, particularly the negative ones that we all must confront and overcome. My hope is that, through my art, viewers find a mirror for their own experiences, a space where they can confront and engage with the emotions that lie beneath the surface.


To view Chuck Robinson's artwork, or to reach him for commissions or displays, please view his QR code below.